Magellan Hybrid Displays

Durable Engineered Aluminum

Optional Plex or Sintra Accents

Contemporary Curved Designs


  • Counters
  • Workstations
  • Literature
  • iPad Solutions
  • Headers
  • Monitors
Reusable Die-cut
Foam Packaging
Large Tension Fabric Graphic(s)
Knob-Assisted Assembly


Portable Cases

with Wheels

Magellan Hybrid Displays

Magellan Hybrid Displays are always the star attraction at any trade show or event. What's the secret? Those sexy curves, vibrant fabric graphics, and smart accessories. With the Miracle, Magic, MOR, or any of the other Magellan Displays, you get all the benefits of a portable display with the game-changing allure of a custom exhibit. 

All Magellan designs are built with lightweight engineered aluminum and convenient knob-assisted assembly. Discover trade show success with Magellan Hybrid Displays with prices that are impossible to ignore.


 Lightweight Portable Displays
 Beautiful Tension Fabric Graphics
Upscale Curved Designs
 Numbered Components for Easy Set-up
 Reconfigurable (10 ft. to 20 ft.)
 Many Practical Accessories
 Multiple Price Points
 Lifetime Warranty on Workmanship