Visionary Designs Hybrid Exhibits

Visionary Designs - EZO Sensor

Unlimited Designs Possiblities

Engineered Aluminum

or Wood Construction

Tension Fabric and
​Direct Print Graphics


  • Counters
  • Workstations
  • Brochure Holders
  • iPad Solutions
  • Headers
  • Monitors
Reusable Die-cut
Foam Packaging

Custom Jigged

Cases or Crates

Custom Modular Assembly

Visionary Designs Hybrid Exhibits

With Visionary Designs Hybrid Exhibits, you're in charge because every display is "Designed Just for You!" Our skilled designers personalize the display to your specific trade show requirements, whether you start from an existing kit or from pencil scratches on a napkin. We make it that easy.

All Visionary Designs Hybrid Exhibits combine vibrant tension fabric graphics, durable aluminum extrusions, and elegant laminates into an unmistakable island or inline trade show exhibit. There's no limit to the design possibilities because you're in charge of every design.


 Portable, Modular, and Custom Hybrid Designs
 Maximum Design Flexibility
 Inline and Island Exhibits
 Varied Price Points
 Numbered Components for Easy Set-up
 Reconfigurable Displays
 Lifetime Warranty on Workmanship