Exhibit Design Search | Tips and Tricks Review

THE BASICS (@ 1:20 min)
• Design Database of 1500 displays, 9000 photo, and 84 articles
• Public Website(s), developed for Classic Distributors and their clients
• 32 Product/Design galleries, mostly Classic but also (2) Optima [OP], (2) CORT [CT], (1) Brumark [BR], and (1) DS&L [DL]
• Divided into sizes or product groups o Island, Inlines, 10 ft., 20 ft. o Rentals, Sustainable, Charging Solutions, Counters, etc.
• Quick click menus to search by size, price, or product line
• Specials and Lightning Deals
• Within galleries, product descriptions via bullets, text, and hyperlinks
• Video and audio clips
• Unbranded literature
• Retail prices ADVANCED SKILLS (@ 7:25 min)
• Classic, Branded, Unbranded w/ prices, Unbranded w/o prices
• Search (kit, feature, or any text) o GK-2005 o Associated or related kits
• Advanced Search – Fine-tune your search parameters (10:33 min)